As an industry lobbying organization working to promote a robust film and TV industry, we need a budget to support our endeavors. For this reason, we charge annual/quarterly dues to our members. No board members are paid for their service.

Dues cover:

• The engagement of a lobbyist

• Campaign support

• A yearly promotion event at the capitol that all members are invited to

• Communication tools with members

• Back office costs - insurance, accounts, website, etc.

• Publicity to attract more opportunities for our members



All members receive the following benefits:

  • Network
    One of the paramount benefits of membership is networking with your peers in Oklahoma’s entertainment production industries, not only at the bi-annual OKMPA meetings but also within subcommittee meetings. It is here that you share interests, ideas, discuss issues, and share concerns of the industry.

  • Solve Industry Issues
    Bring your issues to the table whether it is one for your specific subcommittee, or the whole of OKMPA, you will be amazed at the proactive capabilities of this organization.

  • Influence Industry Issues
    Whether promoting state incentives or proposing industry legislation, the OKMPA is the organized and effective voice of the industry. We pride ourselves in maintaining and cultivating working partnerships with government officials and organizations in Oklahoma. 

  • Promote Oklahoma 
    As a member of OKMPA, you help decide how to best promote Oklahoma in order to increase production throughout the state. Your participation is vital to best serve the industry’s needs.

Gain Creditability & Exposure
Affiliation with OKMPA gives you professional credibility, as well as exposure through the membership listings available on our website. We also give priority to our corporate members when it comes to marketing projects, news, announcements, and/or events through social media marketing by actively promoting our members.

Membership Tiers
The OKMPA offers multiple membership tiers to choose from. These tiers are: 

  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Professional (Annual or Monthly) 
  • Student 

You can learn more about each of these tiers, their benefits, and select one to join here!

"Oklahoma Motion Picture Alliance" is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. 

110 S. Hartford Ave. Suite 120 Tulsa, OK 74120

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